Social Media Companies and Blockchain
October 24, 2018
Blockchain and Cloud Forensics
October 24, 2018

2018 brings an incredible opportunity to take part in the next technological revolution — where Blockchain Technology and SaaS will integrate more seamlessly to produce higher efficiencies for a myriad of business processes.  While blockchain use cases are exciting to explore and research, it’s important to point out the gap between potential and tangibility of implementation.

Every/Any Industry

  • Information-sharing across organizations — trust, transparency, and efficiency
  • Supply Chain Management — With FlureeDB, a consortium of stakeholders in a supply chain can own, operate and enforce rules for their own shared blockchain.
  • Coordinate logistics, payments, financial terms, and contract rules
  • End-to-End visibility and tracking of supply chain process in real-time
  • Auditing — Records can be instantly independently verified.
  • Compliance — Track processes against regulations with pre-defined rules
  • Business Contracts — Set pre-defined rules for transactions between two or more companies engaged in a partnership


  • Track truthful, full history of vehicle from pre-production to sale
  • Supply chain parts management

Banking, Financial, Fintech

  • Streamline payments processing with high efficiency, fast and secure transactions
  • Empower global transactions, tearing down national currency borders
  • Minimize auditing complexity for any financial ledger


  • Tracking donation allocation, accountability, integrity
  • Reduce overhead and complexity of donation payment processing

Cloud Storage

  • Increased security with a shift from centralized data security to decentralized network
  • Lower transactional costs within a decentralized network
  • Crowdsourcing unused cloud storage

Commercial Vehicles and Transportation

  • Tracking journey stops; paired with IoT to create an immutable ledger of trip data

Credit History

  • Make credit reports more accurate, transparent, and accessible


  • Fight hacking with immutability of ledger
  • Guarantee validity with data integrity
  • No Single Point of Failure (decrease in IP-based DDoS attack success)


  • Provide auditable trail for donations to prevent fraud
  • Ensure crowdfunded campaigns receive donations and contributors are compensated


  • Digitizing, verifying academic credentials
  • Federated repository of academic information specific to class, professor, and student


  • Bypass public grids to allow for cheaper, peer to peer energy transfer
  • Smart utility metering


  • Combined with machine learning algorithms, blockchain can provide a decentralized forecasting tool

Government and Voting

  • Reduce voter fraud, inefficiencies with verifiable audit trails
  • Minimize government fraud, digitize most processes
  • Increase accountability and compliance for government officials
  • Identity validation; integrity of citizen registry data

Gun Safety

  • Tracking gun ownership and possession related information
  • Tracking criminal ID history and attempts to purchase

Human Resources

  • Background checks: Verification of identity, employment history
  • Payment and benefits process validation — smart contracts


  • Improve multi-party contracts
  • Streamline risk contract efficiency
  • Streamline claims adjudication
  • Reduce disputes with transparency of shared data


  • Ability for IoT applications to contribute transactional data to blockchains
  • Implications across industries (trucking/transportation, supply chain integrity, etc.)

Law enforcement

  • Integrity of evidence, resistance to falsification of case data
  • Documentation of time-stamped, chronological chain of facts


  • Smart contracts with defined rules, expiration, and accessibility for relevant parties.


  • Bypass intermediaries, providing more cost-effective advertising


  • Control of ownership rights
  • Anti-piracy / copyright infringement
  • Use of smart contracts for artist compensation/legal proceedings
  • Payments processing — cryptographic, secure, and anti-3rd party (this opens up content availability internationally)

Medical / Healthcare

  • Drug Supply Chain Integrity
  • Patient Databases/Indexes on blockchain
  • Claims Adjudication
  • Medical Supply Chain Management
  • Transparency and Automation within the patient-to-hospital or patient-to-doctor transactions
  • Clinical trial provenance — integrity with an auditable trail of data exchange
  • Efficiency, privacy, and ownership of patient health data

Public Transportation/Ride Sharing

  • Streamline public transportation
  • Provide more accurate payment for ride, gas, and wear and tear

Real Estate

  • Transparency within agreements
  • Verify property information, update and decentralize records
  • Reduce paperwork, digitize transactional processes
  • Record, track, transfer land titles


  • Passenger Identification, boarding, passport, payment, and other documentation digitized and verified
  • Loyalty programs digitization and tracking

Wills and Inheritances

  • Smart contracts to determine validity of will and allocation of inheritances


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