July 10, 2019

Mobile banking to overtake branch visits in two years

The act of physically visiting your branch is quickly heading in the same direction as the chequebook. Mobile banking is set to be more popular than […]
July 1, 2019

Five steps to achieving the Amazon effect within financial services

Digital disruption is a reality in the banking industry just like it is in other industries. From new competition to heightened customer expectations, banks are becoming […]
May 9, 2019

Successful Financial Inclusion requires Policy & Regulatory Framework

The emergence of a digital economy, the globalization of data and information, rising inequality and increased migration flows are powerful global forces reshaping the world, creating […]
May 8, 2019

Could the next driver of blockchain adoption be central bank backed digital cash?

The Financial Times reported that the IMF, (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank, are launching a “Learning Coin” on a private blockchain to gain a […]
May 8, 2019

Convergence of blockchain and Islamic Finance

Blockchain is often thought of as a hyped-up technology. While AMER YAGHI is not going to debate this argument, he opines that there is without a […]
October 24, 2018

Blockchain and Cloud Forensics

All computing systems are constantly under attack, and for traditional networked computer systems, this presents a serious challenge to ensure a high level of security and […]
October 24, 2018

Blockchain for 2018 and Beyond

2018 brings an incredible opportunity to take part in the next technological revolution — where Blockchain Technology and SaaS will integrate more seamlessly to produce higher efficiencies for […]
October 24, 2018

Social Media Companies and Blockchain

Why Social Media Companies Should Embrace Blockchain This might be great for users, but companies could benefit even more. Blockchain makes it possible to securely store […]
October 24, 2018

Blockchain and AI

Today, two highly discussed disruptive technologies are artificial intelligence and Blockchain. Despite how easy the combination is to mock, the idea of applying the blockchain to […]
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