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December 8, 2019
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December 20, 2019

Telephones are not what they used to be, rather they’re a “supercomputer” in the palm of your hand. Some manufactures are making phones with blockchain native in the operating system. Since blockchain is tamper-proof and decentralized, it can do what IoT/IoB exactly require.  If artificial intelligence is incorporated, then the exploitation of data will go to new levels in ways never before thought possible.

Every electrical device we own, wear, or embed is fast becoming an entity that can send and receive data at the drop of a voice command.  The human body has become a technology platform that sends and receives data.

Smart pills that can send data from deep inside your intestinal tracts and tiny implants in your brain that can help regulate everything from Epilepsy to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Hearing aid smart devices could be misused for constant 24-hour surveillance on the audio environment surrounding you.  Smart contact lenses have the potential to record everything you see without every getting noticed. Yet, smart bio-patches could keep you informed of the medical condition of your loved one.

The #IoB (Internet of Bodies) focuses on electronics which directly interface with our bodies; such as:

  1. Smart Digital pills (swallowables)
  2. Smart bio-patches and tattoos (Amer Yaghi)
  3. Digital implants
  4. Wearables: smart contact lenses, smart watches, smart clothes
  5. Digital body-embedded electronics

No doubt, IoB is fascinating, helpful and certainly the future for so many industries. The IoB is here and it’s not holding back.  How will we find the balance between the convenience of a password free life and unlimited access to whatever goes on inside our bodies?

Such “things” have direct impact on our “bodies”. They communicate with external devices which could be tampered with.  Therefore the communication platforms (hardware devices, software programs, and signals transmission) must be regulated (easier said than could be done).  Here again I suggest investigating the viability of using #blockchain for the security it offers and the control & privacy it avails to users.



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